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GGE: Ep 5 – ASRA Foods with Jill Ouazzani

When they followed their dreams and moved to Vermont life was great. Beautiful surroundings, great quality of life, educational opportunities. It was perfect… well, except for the olive oil.

Vermont is a leader in great local foods, but without great olive oil these foods weren’t fully meeting their potential. At least not to the Ouazzani crew.

So they decided to combine their passion of helping small farmers with the need for great olive oil into a business.

ASRA foods was born from that passion. Listen to how Jill and Simo Ouazzani are navigating a brand new family, jobs and a new businesses. And kicking ass at all of it.

These are truly great people. Enjoy!


GGE: Ep 4 – Global Social Entrepreneurs Lab

Today we get to know Danielle Carruthers.

She is the founder of Global Social Entrepreneurs Lab and The great thing about what Danielle does is bring people together. She knows how to tap the wisdom of crowds to find great solutions to world changing problems.


Independent TV & Film Festival Rocks

GGE: Ep 3 – Independent Television and Film Festival   Indiewire Magazine has called it “The Sundance of Independent Television.” Although it has only been in Vermont for a few years, the ITVFest is changing the face of Dover and growing the credibility of southern Vermont as a national leader of indpendent art. The social […]

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Good Body Products Does It Good

GGE: Ep 2 – Good Body Products does it Good We put so much attention on what goes into our body and yet so little to what goes on it. Good Body Products in Guilford Vermont has built an amazing business that uses only locally grown ingredients to create wonderful items that go on your […]

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How your pee can save the planet

GGE: Ep 1- Who knew your pee could save the planet?   Did you know your urine is full of nutrients that can be turned into rich fertilizer. Kim Nace is the Founding Director of Rich Earth Institute. Her organization turns human urine into fertilizer. This pioneering work supports sustainable agriculture and protects vital water […]

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Want to increase your impact

Here is my latest project, helping social entrepreneurs increase their impact. I am working on with some really cool people.

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Volvo Meets Ten Year Goal In One Year

Saves $10 Million on 850K Energy Investment Energy reduction is not as difficult as we initially believe it will be. Our mental models are a bigger problem than getting it done. As part of the part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Save Energy Now LEADER Initiative, Volvo Truck’s New River Valley plant set a 10 […]

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Sustainable Companies Stocks Outperform the Competition

Companies striving for sustainable outcomes outperform their competition in nearly every financial measure. And most importantly in this case, stock performance. Canadian publisher Corporate Knights recently published its 8th annual list of “100 Most Sustainable Companies.” According to the Corporate Knights Global 100 website: The graph below measures the monthly total return of the Global 100 and […]

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High ROI on Sustainability

Again, proof by the biggest capitalists that sustainability pays big ROI. Bloomberg just produced its third sustainability report. This is the first one to be made public. My favorite highlight is that for every $1 spent on sustainability they have seen $2 in savings in operating costs, which goes directly to the bottom line profit. […]

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Compliance is cheap

Business estimates to comply with the clean air act of 1990 to reduce acid rain put the prospective compliance cost at up to $1,500 per ton. Over the first 10 years the price per ton NEVER went above $200 and the mean and average costs were significantly less* The laggards in the US Chamber of […]

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